Physical Life & Pain

After 29 years of being active in all sorts of sports, especially skiing when I lived in Geneva due to CERN as my employer, a car accident on professional duty in 1973 turned into a life of ‘managing’ pain.

The trouble with physical pain is that it is invisible. It is also difficult to communicate and convey that and how its permanence has an eroding effect on our psyche, emotions, moods and attitudes to life and people.

And the fear of more pain, memories of pain, trying to see where today’s limits are, checking whether you can or can’t do this or that – it is a 24/7 exercise in ‘body awareness’.

When the awareness of ageing is added to the experience of pain, it may be tempting to give in and give up. BUT I am re-defining ageing by

  1. doing hot Yoga on a regular basis since 2006
  2. using walking sticks instead of crutches when I need support
  3. seeing Alexander Barrie for whom I built the Pelvic Correction site
  4. using products that lift our eyes, face and body.
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