Solutions: Ethical Money

In the spirit of ‘software for seeing what you want to know’:

  1. forecasting time series
  2. layering complex data
  3. analysing and re-visualizing digital images.

In the spirit of ‘personal is professional and political‘, it takes a lot of experiences and disillusionment to come to the realisation that

  1. the Government’s agenda is NOT the people’s agenda – it just sounds as if it was
  2. my late husband used to say that the government always achieves the opposite of what it sets out to do
  3. the idea of ‘running the economy, let alone the country’ is significantly different from what is actually happening one day after the other, one bank account at a time…

To propose solutions on the government level, must be attractive to any self-respecting thinker. But it just ‘makes history’ by being published in a red book or on a red CD, when we make submissions to Select Committees.

Still, I’ll die with a better conscience, knowing that I’ve tried to make my ideas known. I shall omit those proposals that I wrote before internet times.

Regarding our money systemsay it on websites:

Say it in online petitions:

Regarding the legal system:

Publicity is the soul of justice. It is the surest of all guards against improbity:


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