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Political and Legal Context


Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy: an Association of McKenzie Friends86,000 views and 2,200 followers since February 2012;

  1. 06 Mar 2012: World Wide Peaceful Protest against Child Abuse: Launch Event[1] at the House of Commons, sponsored by Lib Dem MP John Hemming and Labour MP Austin Mitchell: Assisting Litigants in Person:
    • Created after visiting parents in prison whose children had been taken, in particular the Nigerian couple – acknowledged to have been the worst of all cases.
  1. 11 Feb 2015: Threat of Prosecution and Imprisonment by London Borough of Barnet in Secret Family Court
    • Having acted as McKenzie Friend for the mother of two whistleblower kids[2] since November 2014, we were both threatened with prosecution by a ‘Position Statement’ of Barnet Council and with imprisonment by the ‘Penal Notice’ of a secret family court and left UK jurisdiction.

Petitions for Gathering Support Online

  1. Feb 2011: Online Petitions and their Remarkable Comments on my most popular website Victims Unite!578,000 views since August 2010:
  1. Apr 2011: Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes petition: 200 signatures and 10,000 views since April 2011:
  1. May 2011: The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW! Petition with 2,000 signatures and 49,000 views since May 2011:
  1. Aug 2011: Abolish the Ban on Recording Court Proceedings petition: 400 signatures and 9,600 views since August 2011:
  1. Aug 2011: FREE the Musas and send the whole family back Home to Nigeria petition: 500 signatures and 11,700 views since August 2011:

Petitioning UK Parliament – on behalf of a ‘Stolen Children of the UK’

  1. Sep 2013: Children Placed in Foster Care – tabled by former MP John Hemming

Petitioning EU Parliament

  1. Jan 2013: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to Petitions Committee of EU Parliament: 6,300 signatures.

Written Submissions:

  1. Jan 2013: A 12-page Dossier of Evidence in Support of the Petition

Sites for Individual Cases and the First MP to Stand Up for Family Court Cases

  1. May 2011: Vicky Haigh: one of many mothers daring to protect her daughter from abuse – one of far too many child abuses aided by Social Services
  1. May 2011: The first MP Campaigning for Families In Support of John Hemming MP – Chairman of Justice for Families – particularly concerned about ‘secret prisoners’ – via the Court of Protection (Family Division)
  1. Jul 2011: A Nigerian Family with seven children Destroyed by Haringey Council – Gagged from Reporting – Acknowledged to be the WORST of all child snatching cased in the UK – until the ‘Hampstead Case’ came along
  • A court usher told us that the jury was rigged;
  • Christopher Booker had written 14 articles[6] in The Telegraph about them;
  • The children reported abuse by foster parents, but the parents were in prison for 3 years and deported without them, the two youngest were adopted;
  • I published many documents pertaining to their court proceedings on the site.
  1. Aug 2011: Flying Vet Challenges South Wales Policeadvancing the Cause of Litigants in Person – seriously involved and five times arrested as McKenzie Friend in the Musa case – 73,000 views and 2,000 followers since August 2010;
  • This website is particularly designed to ‘publish to expose’: forged, redacted and non-disclosed court documents demonstrate the abuse of court processes;
  • I edited his first website every time he was in prison.
  1. Aug 2013: Len LawrencePoisoned Air Pilot – Asset Stripped by Judges who were not ticketed to act in the Court of Protection
  1. Sep 2013: Melissa LairdFighting for her son and other victims of the UK child ‘protection’ and ‘care’ system
  1. Oct 2013: Phil Thompson and FamilyHow a greatgrandfather dares Walsall Council to return his three greatgrandchildren
  1. Apr 2014: Laila BriceA Latvian mother fighting to get her daughter back from Merton Council – 7,000 views
  1. Nov 2014: The Pedro Family – Five Children snatched by Lincoln Council without paper work – parents gagged after five months of fighting for them
  1. Jun 2014: Lithuanian Audrone Itrying to protect her son – Another non-UK family destroyed by Social Services & Police:

Family Court Issues

  1. Apr 2012: No Punishment without CrimeA follow-up from by veteran observer over fifty years Ian Josephs – law degree from Oxford – assisting from Monaco
  1. Dec 2012: Belinda McKenzie – A Battle for Britain’s Children and others’ Human Rights – Campaigns, Issues and Philosophical Thoughts

Money Creation Issues

  1. Feb 2009: Forum for Stable CurrenciesOn the Creation of Currency and National Debts as Causes for Victims of Dishonest Money – started at the House of Lords
  1. Apr 2009: Room 14 – A Foundation for Change
    • about ‘victims’ turned ‘starfighters’ and Parliament as the highest court of the land – 4,600 views since April 2009;
    • Includes Elizabeth Watson’ Vavasseur Fraud; she later became McKenzie Friend of Vicky Haigh below and we were in court together in June 2011, while Vicky gave birth in Ireland
    • For Liz Watson to be released from Holloway, her barrister persuaded me to take about 10 posts down about her financial case as well as Vicky Haigh related material.
  1. Jun 2009: EDM 1297Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 – with Case 12 re Child Snatching aka State Kidnapping – 58,000 views and 1,200 followers since June 2009.

Victims of White Collar Crimes as EFFECT of What’s Dishonest with our Money System

  1. Aug 2010: Victims Unite!… while empowering each other, when fighting Fraud and White Collar Crimes – 578,000 views and 3,500 followers in November 2017 since August 2010:
  1. Feb 2011: Paulette CooperVictim of many white collar crimes leading to bankruptcy without jurisdiction
  1. Feb 2011: Peter Bellettwhistleblower and victim of criminals – aware of paedophilia in Malta and on QEII cruise ship where he was working as a chef
  1. Mar 2011: Gedal EbertBankrupted Fraudulently without Jurisdiction
  1. Apr 2011: Best Barristerswith a Heart for Victims of White Collar Crimes

From Victims of Secret Family Courts to Victims of Organised Child Abuse

  1. Jul 2014: National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated and Historic Child Sexual Abuseon behalf of the children, adults survivors, whistleblowers, victims and supporters:
  1. Mar 2015: Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian FamilyA 9-minute video of the story of the petition before it was taken down with 16,000 signatures:
  1. Mar 2015: In the Best Interest of the Whistleblower Kids?The ‘Hampstead Scandal’: From Child Snatching and the Secrecy of Family Courts to Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes:







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