Politics & Passion

07 SummaryBesides my professional life with zest and my social life with meaning, I guess I’m leading a political life with passion, too:

  • having organised meetings in Westminster thanks to Lord Sudeley since 1998, I learned about political processes and tools in the House of Lords
  • that was about the Forum for Stable Currencies – as the exploration into the creation of money as debt, monetary reform and national debts 
  • after the ‘reform’ of the House of Lords, I continued with Lord Ahmed, Austin Mitchell MP and more recently with John Hemming MP.

Besides the organisation of Parliamentary meetings, I’ve learned about

  • tabling Early Day Motions
  • formulating Questions with Written Answers for Ministers
  • and making submissions to Select Committees in both Houses.

What difference does it make or has it made? None as far as I can see. But at least I can say to myself: this I have tried, too!

My late husband used to say that the only way one can achieve anything is with financial power… Well, as long as I still need to look for funding, I do it with my ten-finger-typing:


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