Effect: Victims of Fraud

Money really doesn’t buy happiness, an Australian study has found.

But how greed and bribes buy abuse of power and cover-up of white collar crimes, doesn’t seem to have been studied yet. We are just learning from experiences, by comparing cases and stories:

The tip of the iceberg of white collar crimes are clearly cases of ‘child snatching‘ aka ‘state kidnapping‘. For the same procedures are used as for bankruptcies and home repossessions:

  • falsifying documents
  • the use of ‘officially’ looking documents
  • judges sanction what other white collar criminals are doing.

More on various videos of meetings in the House of Commons and Lords:

My really sad observations are:

  • the Government had announced in its Coalition Programme that it would take white collar crimes as seriously as any other – via an Economic Fraud Agency – but it is clearly not prepared to make investigations against its own organisations
  • all complaint procedures are simply ways of fobbing people off
  • Royal Charters protect all ‘public’ employees from prosecution – so they get away with murder!

One thought on “Effect: Victims of Fraud

  1. Derek July 16, 2012 at 10:01 am Reply

    I urge you all to watch the current episode of Keiser Report


    because Max Keiser states that regulators are a waste of time and are as corrupt as the organisations which they are supposed to oversee. Exactly the same with the Legal Ombudsman, Local Government Ombudsman, the FSA, and any other regulators.

    Did anyone see “Dispatches” on Channel 4. That programme focused on HM Revenue and Taxes. It uncovered details of those who run the HM RT are directors of companies based off shore in Guensey to avoid paying UK taxes. They expect us to pay our taxes yet get off paying taxes themselves.

    Then there is the Insurance Scam whereby solicitors who specialise in protecting the assets of insurance companies have “wormed” their way into the FSA so as to reject valid insurance claims.

    It seems to me, and just about everyone else, that the whole flippin country is corrupt and rotten to the core.


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