Cause: Dishonest Money

In the US, Joseph Plummer wrote the book Dishonest Money.

Here, I’ve put a list of bullet points together about what’s dishonest about our monetary, financial and economic system.

Here are my websites that address these causes:

And here are my online petitions that target those organisations that could make a difference:

It’s pretty clear that something’s gotta give:

  • economic theories don’t work – to the contrary, they were created to obfuscate what bankers and central bankers are doing
  • private bankers determine what public governments are doing – while officials are ‘just doing their job’
  • there’s far too much money on the one hand and far too little on the other, but it is on nobody’s agenda to redress this imbalance – to the contrary: more and more power is sought to be concentrated in corporations that are ‘too big to fail’.

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