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#WomenShiftDigital – from books to ‘data based science’ and ‘Cyber Arts’ ?!

I have been reading two remarkable books lately:

  • Pythagoras Trousers – God, Physics and the Gender War – a woman’s answer to WHY there are only 12% women are in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Siddharta – Hermann Hesse’s novel about the search for wisdom – another typically male example for teaching philosophy as if men were like women – and the only woman is a courtesane.

My software-aided thinking that led to creating three innovative software methods made me ask: why me? Why nobody before me? I came up with these explanations:

  1. If Einstein had had access to a computer, he would have found what I discovered thanks to my ‘software-aided thinking’: metrology is the missing link between mathematics and physics. He wrote: As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
  2. At CERN where I used to diagnose software, science starts with theories and experiments are carried out to prove them.
  3. Even in other sciences, men want to match their own models with their own data as proof.
  4. All our teaching is book-based. In Western languages that means reading from top left to bottom right as a ‘visual bias’ and linear expression of thought.
  5. We are living in a world where ‘power’ is defined by men who are in positions of power in organisations that run along male ideas.
  6. Academic and commercial culture foster competition rather than creativity.
  7. Money and funding are determined by men.
  8. Individuals don’t count.  Continue reading

LONDON AT ITS BEST: Poetry & Medicine and Waiters with 5 Languages

Only Connect by Ian Hamilton Finlay

Only Connect by Ian Hamilton Finlay (Photo credit: yellow book)

I am blessed with a very special friend who most generously invites me to exquisite restaurants and special cultural events. Last night she had picked Poetry & Medicine at Kingsplace where I had not yet been.

Four poets and a ‘moderator of conversation’ made me realise:

It’s this touching that made me have tears in my eyes and shivers down my back last night. It’s the re-membering of feelings and moments that is healing – especially relating to the pain of losing loved ones. It reminded me of the most remarkable poems my mum had collected for her children – for they had given her strength in difficult times – beautifully handwritten, in a special book.

The video “Dying to Be Me” is a most remarkable account of the fact that we are spirits having human experiences. And we said YES to our life before we were born, according to this remarkable poem in German by Hermann Hesse.

The dinner in a restaurant where only waiters serve who speak at least five languages, topped the evening of re-connecting with a most dear and special friend.

John Burnside who had worked in IT for 10 years, spoke about ‘authorised knowledge’ which made me appreciate why I know what I know, once again, from yet another angle! Next, I shall dig into my ‘poetic prose’ and upload it to The 3d Metric Universe. What results of a glorious evening!

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