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ETERNAL Must Do’s: Fighting to keep the innocent unscathed

eternal must do’s

to keep
the innocent

going beyond
the limits
of pain
exiling you

did you ever
this very personal
spandau ballet

or is it simply
one of these
must do‘s

© olivia douglas, 2015

What a gift! It’s always such a treat to feel moved to tears!… I met Olivia only for one evening recently but felt a great rapport. And this morning she woke up with the above lines and I cried my heart out over her poems – in German and also English and French! They are soo ‘spot on’. I feel soo alike!

So, my social life with meaning forced me to be in my nephew’s flat in Spandau because I exposed the worst possible satanic scandal of 60-70 adults torturing 20 children and killing babies… Right before my doorstep in London Hampstead…

By the end of the month I should be getting data to get back to my professional life with zest. Maybe my heart will feel less strained while my mind dances along its analytical brain pathways instead of following its calls for passion…



Innovation Dies in the Board Room

Innovation Dies in the Board Room (Photo credit: thecrispone)

How do I Measure Innovation? 

Let me Count the Ways…

1. There are fundamental prerequisites:

  • a spirit of creativity, an attitude of enquiry and a mentality of curiosity;
  • but these can’t be quantified and thus don’t become comparables.

2. Then there are persistence and perseverance, the commitment to pursue and the courage to hang in there:

  • for the world at large does not like innovation, ‘cause it does not like change;
  • institutions and corporations are not made for brave enquiries, creative spirits and innovative thinkers;
  • in times of increasing insecurity, people hold on to their job at all cost and don’t risk thinking: outside pre-fabricated boxes? Beyond templated framesets? Without regurgitating existing phrases?
  • the business of competition and the challenge of excellence are but hollow sound bytes in a climate of pressures and expectations;

3. But the Japanese measure success in the number of risks taken: Continue reading

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