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Why is @Apple so Innovative? @SimonSinek about #digital corporate culture

This cultural anthropologist inspires companies like Rand, Microsoft and Apple. This video is a compilation of clips.

TED and other public talks are:

Here’s a moving account of one of his key or ‘peak experiences‘ in life.

His 10 rules are for business what the 10 commandments are for Christians: guidelines for action and food for reflection, inner signposts and reminders to ‘stay on track’. Mine has been:

Follow your Blissever since I discovered it in The Hero’s Journey – the Hero being the person who challenges nobody other than themselves. 

In the context of corporations, Simon Sinek puts it as “your only competition is yourself!”

With hindsight, ever since I left CERN without the disability pension that I should have received, if Mr Staempfli had not committed insurance fraud, here’s how I happen to have applied Simon’s rules:

  1. Break the Rules: I thought my own thoughts and captured them with all sorts of software, on all sorts of computers ever since I bought my first APPLE which came with this remarkable poem The Uncommon Man. It seems to have set the tone for my life with small computers after having learned about computing principles on mainframes.
  2. Train the Mind: I learned all sorts of meditation techniques.
  3. Be Patient: I learned to live one day at a time and wait for whatever turns me on next.
  4. Take Accountability: I take response-ability as much as I can, i.e. I like to RESPOND to people with whom I’m in touch.
  5. Outdo Yourself: The best proof I guess is my practice of the rather challenging Hot Yoga where every session is a challenge to the mind and our commitment to ourselves.
  6. Stack the Deck: I guess every blog and every online petition of mine is the deck that I’ve stacked to express my beliefs about politics and justice . Similarly, all my 3d metric sites and all my printed files from the times before the internet which include 5 patents are my scientific deck.
  7. Be the Last to Speak: This is apparently what Nelson Mandela learned from his father who was the leader of their tribe. I’ve learned to ‘democratise air time’ when I facilitate meetings, by using the ‘talking stone’ of native Americans.
  8. Be Authentic: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say” is one of my ‘mantras’, i.e. affirmations that my feelings are behind my mind.
  9. Find your Passion: Following my inner voice, my inner drummer that puts music into my inner ear, I do whatever makes me happiest at any time.
  10. Start with Why: Asking myself about motivation and intention has become part of my learning about self-knowledge.

Note: Apple do not tweet, but have 947K followers!

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