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Why is @Apple so Innovative? @SimonSinek about #digital corporate culture

This cultural anthropologist inspires companies like Rand, Microsoft and Apple. This video is a compilation of clips.

TED and other public talks are:

Here’s a moving account of one of his key or ‘peak experiences‘ in life.

His 10 rules are for business what the 10 commandments are for Christians: guidelines for action and food for reflection, inner signposts and reminders to ‘stay on track’. Mine has been:

Follow your Blissever since I discovered it in The Hero’s Journey – the Hero being the person who challenges nobody other than themselves. 

In the context of corporations, Simon Sinek puts it as “your only competition is yourself!”

With hindsight, ever since I left CERN without the disability pension that I should have received, if Mr Staempfli had not committed insurance fraud, here’s how I happen to have applied Simon’s rules:

  1. Break the Rules: I thought my own thoughts and captured them with all sorts of software, on all sorts of computers ever since I bought my first APPLE which came with this remarkable poem The Uncommon Man. It seems to have set the tone for my life with small computers after having learned about computing principles on mainframes.
  2. Train the Mind: I learned all sorts of meditation techniques.
  3. Be Patient: I learned to live one day at a time and wait for whatever turns me on next.
  4. Take Accountability: I take response-ability as much as I can, i.e. I like to RESPOND to people with whom I’m in touch.
  5. Outdo Yourself: The best proof I guess is my practice of the rather challenging Hot Yoga where every session is a challenge to the mind and our commitment to ourselves.
  6. Stack the Deck: I guess every blog and every online petition of mine is the deck that I’ve stacked to express my beliefs about politics and justice . Similarly, all my 3d metric sites and all my printed files from the times before the internet which include 5 patents are my scientific deck.
  7. Be the Last to Speak: This is apparently what Nelson Mandela learned from his father who was the leader of their tribe. I’ve learned to ‘democratise air time’ when I facilitate meetings, by using the ‘talking stone’ of native Americans.
  8. Be Authentic: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say” is one of my ‘mantras’, i.e. affirmations that my feelings are behind my mind.
  9. Find your Passion: Following my inner voice, my inner drummer that puts music into my inner ear, I do whatever makes me happiest at any time.
  10. Start with Why: Asking myself about motivation and intention has become part of my learning about self-knowledge.

Note: Apple do not tweet, but have 947K followers!


#Renaissance Woman Ushers in #Digital Renaissance #Leonardo #DaVinci @DigiLeaders

17 04 20 Renaissance Woman.JPGHere I am on Easter Sunday – photographed by my theatrical friend who finds my way of presenting science ‘engaging’.

With this engagement in mind, I produced:-

17 04 18 Renaissance Woman

Neither artists nor scientists put Copyright notices on their work during the Renaissance in Europe.

To the contrary, the Medicis were financially so successful as bankers that art and humanism could flourish.

May our ‘digital renaissance‘ contribute to unlearning that time is supposedly money and that humanistic ideals can facilitate the coming together of art, science and digital technologies!

I am reminded of Margaret Wertheim’s book Pythagoras’ Trousers where she describes the gender war in the context of history and physics as origin of the ‘monopoly on defining god’.

© Copyright Sabine K McNeill 1996 – 2017

Digitally Yours: Official Data and The Law, Famous Paintings in #TrueColour3D and innovateUK

17 03 10 LawCom ReportThe British Computer Society [BCS] has been my club in town, ever since a professor of the London Metropolitan Uni introduced me to it. This week we held our first event that I contributed to:

Very good not only to meet Prof. David Ormerod QC but also the President of the BCS Ray Long. We now have a single page of Points for further discussion and we’re planning the follow-up meeting soon!

The previous consultation was on Misconduct in Public Office with Police Corruption as an offence.

Meeting LSE Prof Emeritus and ‘cultural maverick’ Aladin Aladin at a NESTA event on innovation inspired me to describe a conceptual art installation and I looked for famous paintings as input to our Smart Knowledge Engine.

  • Here’s a video I put together about Mona Lisa, as I’m gathering screenshots for our Gallery on a Smart Knowledge Space as a new website.

And then there was my hyper-frustration with innovateUK where you can not submit a video for a grant application, let along a link to Software As A Service… pdf is the only format they are willing to look at.

What chance do I have to make that ‘quantum leap’ from paper-based thinking to ‘digitally yours’?

I have had to discover that:

  1. Screenshots tell 1,000 words;
  2. Videos tell 1,000,000 tales;
  3. But our Smart Knowledge Engine makes you go WOW. AMAZING.
    • first, when you SEE a 2D image in ‘True Colour 3D’ – the larger the screen the more dramatic!
    • then, when you tilt and move, rotate and zoom, change lighting and colour, attenuate and invert, i.e. discover depth, detail, structure and tell new stories about the light and colour that can now be revealed in every image.

It’s just not ready for being driven by ‘anybody’ yet.

I don’t want to risk messing up first impressions, unless you INSIST!… Email sabine at domain if you want the link to our engine as ‘work in progress’.

An Illustrated Celebration of Trailblazing Women in #Science @WomenShiftDigi @STEMettes @STEMWomen

Feeling understood is feeling loved. I have been conscious of the ‘heartbreaking inequalities’ ever since I entered the world of physicists at CERN, after I was not admitted to the Hahn-Meitner Institute because I was a girl…

Of course men didn’t like to be told by a woman what mistake they had made in their programming logic.

But it took me a while to discover that we are first and foremost ‘sex objects’, then mothers and housewives and, eventually, possibly, occasionally, partners as professional peers.

It is much more likely though that men will try to see what we’ve got under our kimono and steal it from us.

It is also much more likely that they set a whole patriarchal machinery of ‘authorities’ in motion to punish me for having exposed organised child abuse online than to use the same machinery for my innovation. After all, it’s Not Invented Here, in the old boys club where money circulates among a ‘mutual adoration society’, as my husband used to call it, for fame and fortune, not to empower women…

Hence I was DELIGHTED to have been sent the link to this review of Women in Science – 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world:

50 pioneers who seem to have a ‘catch’ in common:

When women finally began gaining wider access to higher education, there was usually a catch. Often they would be given no space to work, no funding, and no recognition.

Not allowed to enter the university building because of her gender, Lise Meitner did her radiochemistry experiments in a dank basement. Without funding for a lab, physicist and chemist Marie Curie handled dangerous radioactive elements in a tiny, dusty shed.

After making one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin still got little recognition, and for decades her gender limited her to work as a technical assistant.

Creativity, persistence, and a love of discovery were the greatest tools these women had.

The rest is faith in fate and trust in destiny.

2017 will become my Year of Breakthroughs. Our ‘Smart Knowledge Engine’ is in the birth canal and will be online soon!!!

Most ironically, I have been invited to write a proposal for automating the scanning of CCTV footage – for Police of all people. What a nice twist when persecutors become clients!

#WomenShiftDigital – from books to ‘data based science’ and ‘Cyber Arts’ ?!

I have been reading two remarkable books lately:

  • Pythagoras Trousers – God, Physics and the Gender War – a woman’s answer to WHY there are only 12% women are in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Siddharta – Hermann Hesse’s novel about the search for wisdom – another typically male example for teaching philosophy as if men were like women – and the only woman is a courtesane.

My software-aided thinking that led to creating three innovative software methods made me ask: why me? Why nobody before me? I came up with these explanations:

  1. If Einstein had had access to a computer, he would have found what I discovered thanks to my ‘software-aided thinking’: metrology is the missing link between mathematics and physics. He wrote: As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
  2. At CERN where I used to diagnose software, science starts with theories and experiments are carried out to prove them.
  3. Even in other sciences, men want to match their own models with their own data as proof.
  4. All our teaching is book-based. In Western languages that means reading from top left to bottom right as a ‘visual bias’ and linear expression of thought.
  5. We are living in a world where ‘power’ is defined by men who are in positions of power in organisations that run along male ideas.
  6. Academic and commercial culture foster competition rather than creativity.
  7. Money and funding are determined by men.
  8. Individuals don’t count.  Continue reading

Empowered by Digital Females to blog and tweet more effectively

Digital FemalesWomen know what it means to work in a male dominated world of science and technology. And thus it helps to be with “Digital Females” occasionally!

Thanks to the magic of MeetUp, I discovered this event with welcoming and helpful ladies who introduced the sponsor LinkDex and offered 1:1 mentoring. I spoke with  Anna Lewis, analytics lover from and Nichola Stott who has created her own MediaFlow company.

Wonderful, how I was told just what I needed to hear! For there is a difference whether you get it via social media or live in a pub in Covent Garden!

Onward and upward – despite all the odds – on all fronts:

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