Money & Society

The quality of money in circulation is as bad as could be:

  1. most of it is money as debt aka as interest-bearing Credit, generated by banks
  2. nobody generates the interest to pay for Credit
  3. people are made to believe that the Government runs the economy which is as far from the truth as could be…

As a result, the only people who benefit are those who manage to receive interest payments

  • for national or treasury bonds for example – vested interest payments of the biggest kind, I think
  • anybody who has ‘capital’, i.e. pension funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions who create ‘money’ from thin air
  • in general, the ‘financial economy’ that not only exploits the real economy, but also determines what goes on at Government level.

Instead, mutual credit is the answer. But who wants to know and who has the muscle to make it happen?



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