Quality of Life, Money & Measuring – that’s what I’d like my sites to contribute to…

BUT: my agenda is very different from the one of the global elite that uses ‘dishonest money‘ as the tool to control people and resources.

  • Looking at financial data through my ‘software lenses‘ would get people to see and analyse better what’s going on in terms of ‘quality of money’.
    • Publicity Online tries to make a difference by ‘actively shouting’ and not just passively displaying websites.

My 3d metrics work is about measuring qualities that have hitherto not been quantifiable. For metrology is based on electricity and magnetism that turn out to be working differently at nanolevels and below.

Since 3D metric methods operate independent of scale, they have something unique to offer – above all, as a new instrument of investigation, evaluation and quantification.

Let’s see who will want to be first to try them!


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