My short profile is on LinkedIn.

This photo was taken by a former CERN colleague which is why I cherish it. Some people who are interested in my CV may want to know that

  • I was born in Silesia, then German, now Polish
  • my mum saved me from the bombing of Dresden and moved the place where she was cooking over 40 times, before she passed away in a village in Brandenburg;
  • my father swam through the Elbe river to become an American rather than Russian Prisoner of War;
  • I grew up in Bremerhaven in the North of Germany, finished school in Munich in the South and studied mathematics and computing in Darmstadt in the middle;
  • I had my first and only job at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research in Geneva, where I diagnosed software problems of Nobel prize winners and other physicists and where later the web was born;
  • in 1973 I was sent to Lawrence Radiation Lab on an exchange visit of two months, when a physicist friend fell asleep on the wheel and we fell 25 feet, while I was thinking “this must be the end, this must be the ocean”;
  • it was the beginning of chronic pain that I am still ‘managing’ now
  • after doctors had told me that my pain was psychological, I studied humanistic and transpersonal psychology and got so much out of it that I wanted to pass it on to the world;
  • in 1979 I bought my first APPLE computer with a 40 character black and white monitor and a ‘letter quality’ printer, for I wanted to hide the fact that I was using a computer;
  • in 1981 I came to London with the vision of a Peace Network of people and computers protecting our planet and helped produce Peace Child in the Royal Albert Hall;
  • in 1986 I was invited to speak at the Women in OD conference in New York, where I was talking about Little Sisters as Alternatives to Big Brother;
  • at St. James’s Church Piccadilly I created Turning Points as a weekly lecture series which still goes on as “Alternatives”;
  • with my passion for computer networking, I co-founded NetReach to “network computers and reach out to people via computers”;
  • promoting Caroline Myss, I organised conferences on Energy and Medicine;
  • and thus I use my computer(s) to connect ideas, people and computers which I shall presumably do until I follow my parents and my two younger brothers…
  • as a networking exercise, I started the first Local Exchange  Trading System (LETS) in London which taught me about value, money and currencies;
  • in 1996, I began my intellectual odyssey that I call my ‘professional life with zest’; eventually, I gave it the trade name 3D Metrics;
  • my ‘social life with meaning’ developed via Forum for Stable Currencies meetings at both Houses of Parliament since 1998.

Here I am in the ‘Star Cave‘ of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, where they do understand visualization! I felt so understood that I nearly told them about my innovative concepts behind my prototype software. I travelled also to see a former ‘client’ from CERN again who gave me lots of ideas for using my image analysis method.

This was in November 2008, when I also participated in the Everyday Digital Money conference at Irvine University.

Recently (November 2017) I was invited to write up my Digital Journey and produced


2 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Door2Door November 4, 2015 at 8:09 am Reply

    “Your biography becomes your biology”
    Caroline Myss

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill November 4, 2015 at 8:49 am Reply

      How amusing to be reminded of Caroline whom I used to promote…

      THANK YOU!!!

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