UK #Internet #Governance Forum #UKIGF17 @UKIGF – Shaping our Digital Future

17 09 13 UKIGFAlready last year I enjoyed the UK Internet Governance Forum.

This year Digital Minister The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP spread his enthusiasm again and the Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy Chi Onwurah MP shared her technical expertise in the context of ‘fake news’.

The morning focussed on cyber security.

Re Fake News, the Policy Director for UK of Facebook was part of the debate!

Chi Onwurah MP advocated that

  • democratic representatives of the people should have access to code / algorithm!

Carl Miller from DEMOS was rather provocative by suggesting that there is a

  • race between ‘internet psychology’ and ‘politics’
  • politicians ought to assert themselves
  • and civilise power!

James Cook, the Tech Editor of Business Insider UK was also most interesting to hear.

17 09 21 UN Principles coverShaping Your Digital Future – Principles of Internet Governance was a breakout session based on remarkable Principles on Identification published by the World Bank Group.


  1. Universal Coverage;
  2. Accessibility.


  1. Robust, secure and accurate;
  2. Interoperable and responsive;
  3. Open Standards and Technology Neutral;
  4. Privacy by design;
  5. Planned for financial and operational sustainability.


  1. safeguarding data privacy, security and user rights through a comprehensive legal regulatory framework;
  2. establishing clear institutional mandates and accountability;
  3. enforcing legal and trust frameworks through independent oversight and adjudication of grievances.

However, it has to be recognised that:

  • technology moves at 100 mph;
  • legislation moves at 2 mph.

TRUST through SCRUTINY is a good new motto, especially as it’s a cowboy world out there!

May the gap be narrow between good principles and actual implementation and enforcement mechanisms!



2 thoughts on “UK #Internet #Governance Forum #UKIGF17 @UKIGF – Shaping our Digital Future

  1. maureenjenner September 18, 2017 at 4:44 pm Reply

    Much room for some deep thinking.

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