SOCIAL MEDIA in a Nutshell: smart software and creative users

Blogging at the core of social media

Social Media at a glance

I just love it how people are visually and verbally creative on the web. And I love it when they are smart in the use of software and ultimately create really cool or smart software.

Commercial creativity is another kind of spiritedness. It requires not just the one-off inspiration of a good idea, but the tenacity of carrying a money making process out and through in all its aspects.

One money making process is to sell your time for creating blog posts. People per Hour sell or advertise people who do exactly that. On the web. Cool! I’m not doing that. Even though I could. I’d rather do it for free for people who need it but can’t afford it: victims of white collar crimes. But then I’m a pensioner. I’m beyond the race created by money for money. And thus we’ll see when and how my smart knowledge portals will come to aid those who want to see more from their data and pay for it. Meanwhile I keep marvelling at what people do on the web. I only look at good and positive things though. I do want to keep my spirit healthy and happy. Hope you, too!


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