Hello from my latest blog

So far, I’ve published 3 German and 50 English websites that include 10 petitions. Why? Let me count some of the reasons:

  1. Having studied mathematics and computing, I LOVE the use of computers for communication, i.e. I was among the first to introduce ‘computer networking’ – long before the internet was born – and thus among the first users of the Global Cafe – a wonderful internet cafe that used to be in Golden Square – off Piccadilly in Central London. That’s where I published the “LETS Room” after I had started the first LETS (Local Exchange Trading System – as the Green Money Network) in London. The LETS Room was a first computer conference where people talked about problems and solutions to our monetary, financial and economic system, where the Campaign for Interest-Free Money was born.
  2. When Lord Sudeley came to one of my Wednesday meetings, we decided to make meetings happen at the House of Lords, and the Forum for Stable Currencies was born. That was worth publicising, for nobody seemed to know what the Christian Council for Monetary Justice had learned under the patronage of Lord Sudeley and Austin Mitchell MP: the secretive monopoly of the creation of money.
  3. Meanwhile I had entered my odyssey into mathematics, systems thinking and cybernetics – in ‘splendid intellectual isolation’ – but always practising ‘software-aided thinking’. That resulted in the first ‘content management system’ as a website for my ‘professional life with zest’: 3D Metrics – the invention of software methods that solve a lot of problems – but, so far, not yet in real people’s lives. Still, all reality starts with ideas and concepts. Why not ‘software aided’, conceptual thinking in my case?
  4. When blogging came along, I soon preferred the advantages of WordPress over Blogspot. I also realised that I could achieve online much more than by organising meetings in Westminster, i.e. I could reach more people with our ‘niche message’. However, by now, more and more ‘victims’ had joined Forum meetings and Lord Sudeley recommended  grouping cases to change the law.
  5. On behalf of victims, petitions were a new online tool that was worth using.
  6. In the Citizens’ Cyber Court I’ve begun to experiment with polls.
  7. My first paper publication was a French – English newsletter “Vision Humaniste – Human View” in 1975. Since then I loved producing ‘paper babies’. But now I concentrate on ‘screen babies’ and get my satisfaction from the number of visitors or signatures.

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3 thoughts on “Hello from my latest blog

  1. palvi April 12, 2012 at 12:15 pm Reply

    hi sabina

    i spoke to meggie today

    pl can you contact me, i wish to talk to you.

    solicitor has stole my late mother’s monies and i have started my claim. i approached my insurance co for funding and the judge and solicitor want to put a restrint order on me on 20/4/12. so to stop me from fighting for justice for my mother and me

    i want to go public with my case and would you support me and if you know anyone else then pl let me know

    your early contact is appreciated.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill April 21, 2012 at 8:56 am Reply

      Dear Palvi

      I’m very sorry not to have responded sooner. Sometimes, I just don’t get round to looking at my messages from WordPress.

      I fear I’ve missed the boat now with the 20/04/12 gone…


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